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Food & Craft Tour

Food & Craft Tour

the flavors and the art of Italy

Positano Dream Limousine is willing to offer you Amalfi’s Coast traditions and tastes with its special Food & Craft Tour.

The tasty Campanian wine and Buffalo Mozzarella, the finesse of Vietri Pottery are perfectly merged in a breath taking scenery and a rich historical and cultural tradition.

Cities and amenities that will show you the truly wonders and tastes of our land.



Ceramic Processing

The art of ceramic creation

The prestigious Vetri’s Pottery stems from Etruscan age.
With its elegant and colorful hand painted majolicas, it represents an excellence of the Made in Italy and is worldwide exported. Vietri’s Poterry is a peculiar craft of Amalfi Coast with a centuries-old tradition.
Pottery manufacturing has increased during the time and adaptied to different historical periods and buyers. Through diversification the production has been extended to a wide set of kitchen utensils, bowls, jugs, dishes, and ceramic wares for domestic utility.
Visiting the famous factory of  Vietri pottery you will learn the arts of ceramic hand-made produce, the pottery’s wheel tecnique and appreciate the craftsman during their painting activity: a truly amazing and unforgettable experience!


                                                                                                         WINE TOUR

Glass of wine

Glass of wine in a Wine Tour

Since ancient times, the “Campania felix” was a fertile land and thanks to the black vesuvius’s lava a perfect place where cultivate and produce an excellent wine.
Many hectares of vineyards and olive threes extend across the hinterland of Campania and at the bottom of Vesuvius where wines of high quality like Lacryma Christi, Aglianico, Falanghina, Fiano, Taurasi are produced.
Wine makers of proven excellence will accompany you in visiting the wine cellar.
There they will teach you the difference between the white and red grape and show you the entire harvest process, from the plantation to the bottling.
Campania offers to you a wide variety of wine, sparkling wine and spirit of high quality that is worth to be discovered and enjoyed.
For expert and passionate travellers the Wine Tour is a fantastic opportunity to know better a unique heritage, a Made in Italy mark exported worldwide.




Buffalo Mozzarella

The Buffalo Mozzarella, that during the times has gained the protected denomination of origin (DOP), together with the Olive Oil is the symbol of the Made in Italy and Meditterian Diet, in other words a treasure of local gastronomy well known and loved worldwide.
The term “Mozzarella” originates from the verb “cut off”, used to describe the operation still practiced today in all cheese factories.
The Bourbon’s aim was to create a great cheese factory within a Buffalo farm and to experiment milk’s transformation in order to industrialize mozzarella’s production and trade it worldwide.
Visiting the Buffalo’s Mozzarella factory you could dive into a centuries-old tradition and discover unique tastes and flavours. The Mozzarella, with salad, pizza or pasta as well is an esteemed and appreciated italian food, famous and loved worldwide.

marzo: 2023

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